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​Bridal Services Terms & Conditions...



1. Any agreement (hereafter referred to as the “Contract”) entered into is a contract that outlines an agreement between 'Zoe Hunter [here referred to as "GirlyGlam” or The Artist'] & the 'Client' [here referred to as 'client', 'bride' or 'bridal party']. 

2. By paying your non-refundable booking fee, you are agreeing & accepting GirlyGlams Terms & Conditions and entering into a legally binding contract.

3. The Client will agree to a signed contract for GirlyGlam to provide makeup and/or hair services, at a designated location, on a date & time agreed upon.

4. GirlyGlam agrees to perform these services for the Client under the terms & conditions set forth in the contract.


5. To secure your wedding date for makeup and/or hair Services, a signed bridal contract and a £75.00 non-refundable booking fee payable by bank transfer is required. The booking payment will be put toward the Client’s total wedding day balance.

6. There is a minimum booking requirement of £250 excluding travel fees at all times. Bookings that don’t reach the minimum will still be charged at the appropriate minimum cost.

7. Trials are mandatory and take place at the GirlyGlam studio. Wedding bookings cannot be completed without a trial.

8. Booking payments are forfeited on cancellation.


9. The Bride is responsible for all payments regarding Services in this contract.

10. The Fees for the Services shall be in accordance with GirlyGlam's standard price list at the time of booking.

11. The Trial element of any booking must be paid for via bank transfer at your trial appointment. The amount due is detailed on your invoice and will be notified to you in advance of your appointment. Your booking fee may not be used in payment or part thereof for a Trial. 

12. Payment for the balance of booking must be made via bank transfer 14 days before the wedding date unless agreed otherwise in writing with GirlyGlam. This will be invoiced to you via email approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the wedding date.

13. GirlyGlam shall be entitled to charge the Client for any expenses reasonably incurred in connection with the Services. This includes travelling expenses outside of NR31 6NZ charged at 50p per mile after the first 20 miles, toll & ULEZ fees, hotel costs, subsistence if an overnight stay is needed plus any associated expenses, and for the cost of any extra materials required but not described in the Services or booking. These will all be communicated prior. 

14. GirlyGlam shall be entitled to charge the Client for a second makeup artist, hair stylist or assistant if requested or required at a supplemental non-refundable charge of £25.00. This will be communicated prior and only charged for large bridal parties. 

15. GirlyGlam shall be entitled to charge the Client for any expenses reasonably incurred by the individuals whom The Artist engages in connection with the Services. This includes travelling expenses charged at 50p per mile after the first 20 miles of the individuals home address, toll & ULEZ fees, hotel costs, subsistence if an overnight stay is needed plus any associated expenses, for the cost of services provided by third parties and required by GirlyGlam for the performance of the Services, and for the cost of any extra materials required but not described in the Services or booking. These will all be communicated prior. 

16.  Your wedding day booking includes my/ our attendance at ONE location. If you require me/ us to work at more than one location (if your venue has restricted access times for example), this must be arranged at the outset of your booking and a £45 Pack & Move fee per artist will be applied to your booking.

17. If the Client fails to make a payment by the due date, then, without limiting The Artist’s legal remedies, The Artist reserves the right to cancel the entire booking.


18. Trial appointment cancellations/ postponements must be made at least 48 hours’ prior to your trial appointment. The full cost of your Trial appointment may be charged if 48 hours is not given. 

19. Wedding Day cancellations must be made 14 days prior to your reserved date or you will be responsible for the full amount of services agreed.  Cancellations must be made in writing via email.

20. In the event you need to cancel or postpone your bridal booking between the date of agreement and 14 days prior to your wedding date, GirlyGlam will offer a refund of monies paid minus non-refundable booking fee and trial element if trial has taken place.

21. GirlyGlam reserves the right to terminate this contract for any non-compliance of terms. The contract will become void and all booking payments given are non-refundable.

22. In the event of The Artist becoming unavailable for your wedding date through unforeseen circumstances, GirlyGlam reserves the right to provide your service through another trained and fully briefed artist.

23. Cancellations by The Artist due to unforeseen circumstances including, but not limited to, Force Majeure or problems rendering the performance of her obligations impossible and where no other suitable alternative can be given will result in a refund (minus work already carried out) to the Client. No further compensation will be offered. 

24. Refunds are issued via the same method of payment.

25. Any changes to the bookings in relation to the bridal trial, number of clients, times, locations and/or dates shall be notified to The Artist at least 14 days in advance of the Event. The Artist shall not be obliged to accommodate any last minute change requests.


26. This Contract is entered into between the Bride and The Artist. No other party member or wedding supplier can correspond with, create terms or cancel for the Bride or act on behalf of the Bride.

27. The Artist in this contract retains exclusivity with the Bride and Bridal Party. GirlyGlam and her team shall be the exclusive hair and/or makeup artist for the Client & the selected members of the Bridal Party, unless otherwise specified.

28. Any additional Hair and/or Makeup Artist hired, with the permission of GirlyGlam, must not under any circumstances have usage over the work pertaining to GirlyGlam.

29. Exclusivity is not guaranteed for the whole day of the Event. A second event on the Wedding Date undertaken by The Artist will not affect the event for which this Contract is for.



30. In accordance with Data Protection Laws, all Client data is kept securely.

31. GirlyGlam will never pass the Client's data to a third party in any circumstance, unless written permission via email is given prior by the Client.

32. Neither party shall use the other party’s confidential information for any purpose other than to perform its obligations under the booking.


33. At your trial, we will need to take photos and videos of you for the purpose of recording the trial look. This is to help us recreate the look accurately on the day. This will also give you a true idea of how your look should translate to your wedding photos & video, in different angles, lighting etc.

34. These trial photos will be kept confidential, to keep your wedding day look private.

35. The client agrees that The Artist may use any & all photographs, video, audio & other media that is captured & recorded by The Artist or by any 3rd party hired by the client, specifically photographers & videographers. This will permit The Artist to use such recorded media to be displayed on their website &/or marketing materials, flyers & other advertisement media. The Client agrees to release any & all claims regarding use of his/ her images for such purposes. The Client also agrees to release the name & contact information of the hired 3rd party photographers &/or videographers used for recording any event for which The Artist has been contracted to provide beauty services for.


36. All communication should take place in writing via email.

37. Due to the private nature of our business, our contract and communication is solely with you, the bride, regardless of who is paying our fee or any third parties (Groom, Parents & wedding planner, etc) acting on your behalf. We will only discuss the details of the booking with the bride.

38. For your reference the most efficient way to discuss all the important elements of your booking is via email, due to the high volume of messages we receive across multiple media channels. Although we love to connect with you on social media and share images via these platforms, messages can get confused or missed if across social media, phone, text, therefore we politely ask you to ensure that any correspondence relating to your booking be sent via email, to reduce the risk of missing important information.

38a. It is the Client's responsibility to provide clear information so that we can find your preparation location. This must be communicated clearly in writing before the wedding date.


39. Due to Insurance regulations and health and safety requirements, I'm unable to facilitate guests, including children in the studio. The only exception to this policy is where you require a carer, or a chaperone if you are under 18. If this is the case, please let me know when booking your appointment.

40. Due to the 2020 outbreak of COVID-19, GirlyGlam is taking extra precautions with the care of every guest to ensure enhanced sanitation/disinfection procedures in accordance with local, national and international guidelines.

41. All tools, brushes, and other items will be fully sanitised before and after use.

42. It is the Client's responsibility to inform the Artist of any allergies or past reactions before makeup application or hairstyling.

43. It is the Client's responsibility to check with their Bridal party prior to the wedding date, regarding any allergies and communicate this via email to the Artist before makeup application or hairstyling.

44. The Artist will always check verbally if the Bridal party have any allergies.

45. We reserve the right to refuse an application if any of the parties have contagious conditions, have flu like symptoms or a temperature.

46. In the interest of your personal health, safety, and well-being, and to that of the Artist and other clients, the following contraindications will prevent or restrict any client's application/styling; Eye infections; Conjunctivitis, viral infections; cold sores/facial herpes, open/weeping wounds, or sores, fungal infections; ringworm, etc. warts, cystic acne, severe sunburn or first degree burns, burns from facial waxing, Eczema, Psoriasis, Nits/ Head-lice, Scabies, Impetigo, prior reaction, bruising, open cuts, flu like symptoms or a temperature.

47. The Artist holds no liability for any allergic reaction or injury resulting from the Makeup application or hairstyling.

48. The Artist is not liable for any adverse reactions to products used and cannot be held liable for any losses that are incurred due to adverse reactions to products used. If the client or party requires a patch test for any products, this can be arranged and charged according to the agreed fee.

49. The Bride and Bridal Party must fully sanitise their hands before the appointment.


50. I, the Artist, shall provide services with the highest standard of skill and care.

51. The Artist will set up 10 minutes before the agreed start time.

52. Makeup or hairstyling provided to the client by the Artist is done using quality professional materials and quality sanitised makeup.

53. Every effort is taken to create a long-lasting look but the Artist makes no claims about the longevity of the look due to how the skin or hair can react on the day due to weather, diet, personal skin/ hair care and skin/ hair prep done by the Client.

54. Should the Artist need to cancel your booking, we will notify you at the earliest opportunity and without liability. In the unlikely event of a cancellation, as much advance notice as possible will be given to the Client and every effort will be taken to find a replacement artist.

55. We strongly advise that all of our Clients obtain the relevant wedding insurance. It is your responsibility to protect yourself and purchase a wedding insurance policy prior to booking & securing deposits with your wedding venue and suppliers. Please notify us at this time if you have chosen to go against our guidance and not take out the necessary wedding insurance. Sadly occasionally things do go wrong and wedding insurance provides essential financial protection. Otherwise, you will be held fully responsible for any costs incurred and invoiced for this payment due despite the circumstances for cancellation or rearrangement.


56. Makeup and/or hairstyling will be completed to the Client’s satisfaction, and acceptance of the completed makeup application and/or hairstyling is acknowledgement by the Client that the makeup and/or hairstyling is done to the Client’s satisfaction. This includes trials.

57. The Client agree's that in no event, and at no time during the appointment or at any time thereafter, shall they disparage, denigrate, slander, libel or otherwise defame the Artist's services, properties or assets, or employees, personnel, agents, or representatives.

58. You agree not to disparage or denigrate the Artist orally or in writing, and that neither you nor anyone acting on your behalf will publish, post, or otherwise release any material in written or electronic format, make speeches, gain interviews, or make public statements that mentioned the company, its operations, clients, employees, products, or services without the prior written consent of the company.

59. The Client agrees to treat the Artist and any associated third party with respect. The Artist reserves the right to refuse services to a Client or members of the Bridal party for, but not limited to, rudeness and any type of abusive, immoral, inappropriate and threatening behaviour.

60. If the Artist experiences unforeseen delays during the booking, which are out of their control, refunds will not be given. No refunds/compensation will be given in the event of delays caused by wedding party members, guests or vendors. Adequate time is allocated to every party member. If you suspect any member of the bridal party will pose a challenge to the timeline, they are encouraged to have a trial to avoid delays.

61. The Client shall reimburse the Artist on written demand for any costs or losses sustained or incurred by the Bridal Party in relation to kit and property.

62. The following are requirements The Artist will need in order to fulfill their obligation to said contract; A “set-up” table where products can be laid out for specific services to be performed, a hard back chair or stool, ample lighting, either by means of natural light or by room lighting, access to plug sockets and a sink with hot water and soap for hand washing

63. Children and Animals MUST be kept away from the Artist’s kit and set up. We use hot tools and chemicals (eg brush cleaner for sanitation) and will not be held liable if a child or animal comes into contact with the aforementioned. The Client will be charged if any damages are made to any of the Artists kit and/or set up.

Complaints Procedure.

If you are in any way dissatisfied with any aspect of your experience, please put this in writing. GirlyGlam will try its utmost to resolve any problems.

Your Complaint should be addressed to:


The Proprietor

GirlyGlam Make-Up Artistry

20 Avenue Road

Gorleston On Sea

Norfolk NR31 6NZ


GirlyGlam Make-Up Artistry reserves the right to: Modify or withdraw, temporarily or permanently, this website (or any part thereof) with or without notice to you and shall not be liable to you or any third party for any modification to or withdrawal of the website. Change to the conditions from time to time, and your continued use of the website (or any part thereof) following such change shall be deemed to be your acceptance of such change. It is your responsibility to check regularly to determine whether the conditions have been changed. If you do not agree to any change to the conditions then you must immediately stop using the website and/or its services.  

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